We hear that early symptoms include fever and a sore throat – a common occurrence with all rhinoviruses, only this one is tougher, more virulent and a killer for some. I won’t call my answer a cure – but it works for me. So, take it or leave it. It’s yours.

I stress – this not meant to be, nor am I saying that this is a cure, more this is an early prevention approach and an ongoing body tune-up against the unseen enemies that sometimes invade our organisms.

Juice of one or two lemons, curcuma (curcumin) – don’t be shy with this [organically-sourced] powder or root, ground black pepper, cut pieces of fresh ginger, and two or three leaves of fresh mint. Make it as close to a paste as you can but make it also drinkable.

Repeat at least three times every 24 hours, up to six times, I would say, in a day. And scour out the lemons and eat that until you have only some of the white insides left. If the lemons are certifiably organic (i.e. from your own tree almost) then eat what’s rest of the whole lemon – leave the tree.

If you have anything in your throat the first dousing will feel like you are stripping the antirust paint off a fifty-year old iron roof.