Outgoing 45th is now IMPEACHEDagain.

Donnie is rejected again, as he’s being rejected by everyone – one by one, golf tournaments, corporations, voters, republicans even, a bank to which he apparently still owes money to, or did, I’m sure he would say. So many are lining up to reject poor Donnie, all while he’s been doing his level best to help Joe Biden get ready for being the 46th President.

He’s so hard at helping Joe Biden’s incoming team Donnie even convinced a mob to raid the Capitol to get inside and steal furniture from inside. Throw it all out for a last DC park-party to celebrate his departure and Joe’s new administration.

Poor Donnie, such a selfless soul, has been so busy helping others he’s had no time to use the White House for himself. He and his family haven’t made a cent out of his 4 long years sit-in there.

Donnie is so thoughtful he separated kids from their families at the border. He’s so helpful he stopped COVID in its tracks and made sure its many victims were looked after. Donnie never stops thinking of others. He never thinks of himself. So, let’s make Donnie’s last day in office the greatest day ever for America and Americans.

This week old bone-spurs headed down to the Alamo to help Joe, getting a rub-down from American-history in the process apparently Stormy won’t his touch his flab again. How cruel is that?

Not wanted in Florida or New York, inciting-Donnie is thinking of staying at the wall he never got to build – stare at the failure of his presidency (poor Donnie, so many forgotten promises). His signature policy, a failed border-wall. Yet it’s also a place to meet some new people, those he put in cages. Together they’re gonna sit in Donnie’s rented mobile-home to eat junk food watching Joe and Kamala being anointed as America’s 46th real President and real Vice-President on TV, Donnie’s victims comforting the rejected one. Forgiveness from the people he treated with contempt, Donnie getting “love” in strange ways.

Well he can’t get it from Scotland – they won’t let him in. Mexico’ll close the border if he even thinks of driving down. The Queen doesn’t want Donnie staining Buck House again. He can’t show his face at Bedminster, after the PGA cancelled the 2022 tournament there. The EU can’t bear the sight of him, so he can’t fly there.

Nobody loves Donnie. Can it be true? Will Vladimir give him a home? Maybe his sycophant supporters in the WH and in the republican seats in Congress can stop licking his boots long enough to do a beg-around for some cash to buy him a permanent place – a dumpster site at the border.

Go Donnie! We wish you a woner-fool re-tire-ment.

Donnie wall-be gone soon. Yeahhh!

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