A wannabe mob boss having a breakdown real time makes for a good movie, but in American politics it has produced a goofing-off golfing pretend president, America’s worst ever, a big-mouth reality-tv disastrous conman – who hasn’t yet been fully impeached.

Days after his infamous call to Georgian officials Donnie went one worse on his record and incited goons to head over to the Capitol building to invade Congress.

This white supremacy QAnon out of control gunny goon supporting clown wanted to turn America into a banana-republic. Only, old lying hair-hat, spray-tan head wasn’t up to it. He doesn’t even know how to incite America’s dumbest into committing and succeeding at their criminal stupidity.

Meanwhile people are still dying from COVID all over America. Tolstoy wrote of how States control their citizens with violence. It’s not hard to see how it can get into a dangerous situation with this mindless lot. And where was the National Guard?

Compare this now with the New York Times 1 June, 2020, when a Philadelphia SWAT team deliberately attacked peaceful unarmed black-lives-matter demonstrators.

Meanwhile American prisons are filled with those who have led lives of economic enslavement and deprivation. 2020 is the tipping point, east and west, north and south. The poor and dispossessed have been hammered by Covid.

Humanity must face the economic inequality. Face it seriously and do something to bring real change. While America’s COVID-19 dead pile-up, and the gormless goon general nobody is consumed by phoney-rage, His Grand Couldn’t-Careless Hair-Hat effectively is cheering the dying on. He has done virtually nothing to stop this pandemic.

The bell has rung for Donny. Time’s up on his cruel clownishness, the orange special one has gone and done sick all over himself. Let America now spray-paint this clown into the ghost of Al Capone and shove him into a court – if he wants to be a mob boss – let him play Al in jail. Inciting sedition and then his tax crimes, eleven years inside would be a just start.

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